He is a danger to your business. He will tell you anything in order to string you along.

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Marlon Thomas  -  Paredium Investments  -  Global Media Funding Group  etc. etc.
May also use the name Ian Grier or Ian Greer

Nassau County New York NY

More news: Here's an e-mail we received. I wonder how Marlon's wife would react to this?


        I met Marlon a couple of weeks ago and he is interested in dating me. I came across your site and became a little nervous about dating him.

         It says that he takes advantage of  vulnerable men and women. What does that mean? Did you mean in his personal relationships?

        Trust me, I have no money or possessions to offer anyone.

        Any information you can provide would be helpful.



We decided to leave the name off the e-mail
Actually, we think it's Marlon trying to get us to reply so he can continue his little games.

Remember - comments, sightings and more complaints to



Don't just take our word for it. There's more exciting news.

 Marlon has been outed by the New York Post and Fox News !

        Read on for the stories about Marlon Thomas and the Black Eyed Peas and Charlize Theron.

                    Fox News - Sunday 9th October 2011

                    New York Post - Sunday 9th October 2011

                    New York Post - Sunday October 16th 2011

                    Mogulite - Sunday October 16th 2011

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Make sure you get a background check on this guy. And do not listen to any claims of having had his identity stolen. Check all "proof of funds" documents  with the bank or financial institution alleged to be holding the assets. .
He is a danger to your business. He will tell you anything in order to string you along.
Some may even classify this man as a "commercial psychopath". He seemingly preys upon distressed companies or frustrated salary men or women.
His track record includes:
Undertaking  protracted negotiations for multi-million dollar "investment" in or "funding" of  dozens of  companies or projects. He will always have an excuse why these are not finalized. In actuality, he simply wastes time and apparently has neither the means nor the inclination to close a deal.

 Total destruction of some businesses that took commercial decisions based upon his promises.

Enticing people to  quit a paying job to take up a high-paying role in his supposed corporate empire.  Neither the role, or the payment ever materialized. Unemployment benefits are usually refused for people who have voluntarily left their previous jobs, so such people have often found themselves facing desperate straits.

Exploiting  freelance or self employed people who work under specific instruction with the implied promise of rich rewards -- they don't get paid either. Nor are their costs ever recovered.
        Questions you should not ask Little Marlon

        Why did you leave the Central Park Conservancy?
         Show me your Black Amex
        Will you buy lunch?
        Who owns the house you live in?
        I left my wallet at home
        I lost my wallet with all my credit cards and cash inside
        My car broke down
        My other car is a Mercedes
        I have a toothache and have to go to the dentist
        Buy my lunch now and I'll give you the money later
        It's with the lawyer
        The funds will be transferred on [insert any day of the week]
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